How to get that bold, smoldering look with a low priced shadow and a high fashion look: try a “color by numbers” shadow palette.  It’s perfect for those who are timid about approaching their lids with a bold color.

With this season’s bold colors on the lid, it can be pretty overwhelming for those who have never used intense shadow before.  These innovative shadow palettes can be found nearly anywhere, from CVS to Sephora and is an extreme breakthrough for those in need.  When applying a bold shadow it’s always better to build up, because ultimately if the makeup application comes out too bold, makeup remover then becomes involved, and it’s starting from scratch all over again.  Any woman knows this is frustrating.  So with a color by numbers shadow palette- there doesn’t have to be that second or third re-application.  So why be a victim to this tedious process?

What “color by numbers” actually does is show the person applying makeup where to apply the highlight, and the darkest shadows for contour etc.  Always starting out lighter, this is an essential artist tip, as you can always go darker but never vice versa.  Consider a master tip from a consulting Makeup Artist for L’Oreal Paris:  “The Key to this look is the buildability of the shadow.  Start out slowly and build up the color, so it’s not too intense.”

There’s more to love about this product: its affordability.  Generally these palettes can be found for under $10.  It’s about time for a high fashion look at a low price.


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